A Cup of T

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A cup of T is Tim De Coninck. Tim has built expertise in Media, Telecom, Advertising, HR & Banking. His drivers? People, ideas and businesses.

Tim De Coninck in a nut shell

  • Inspirator and facilitator
  • Creative strategist with technical insights
  • Result oriented
    problem solver

Business Development

Offshore Business Development is the most appropriate solution to have your own resources, any time, against a lower operational cost. Moreover, you can service 24/7 and decide on the priorities. Thanks to the elaborate experience of A cup of T, your offshore project will be a guaranteed success.

Network of affiliates

Any succesful offshore project only works with the right partners. With stratigic affiliates in Vietnam, Pakistan and the Philipinnes, A cup of T is your logical sparring partner whenever considering offshore outsourcing.

Projects from A to Z

A cup of T gives you tailored advice that puts your offshore project on track, from initial strategic planning and management buy-in to source the right people abroad. After an agreed number of consultancy days (50 on average) all processes are drawn and the daily management is handed over hassle-free.

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Media, Marketing
& Communication

Thanks to A cup of T you select the right medium with your right message. Result? Optimizing your marketing efforts pay off more and reach the desired effect with your target audience.

MarCom-advice from A to Z

Based on your objectives, we scope a strategy and creative concept. We’ll develop it in-house or with your preferred partners. From portals and intranets to websites and mobile applications and even roadshows, A cup of T ensures you to be ready for the future.

Extensive experience

Tim De Coninck worked for years in agencies and for end customers, both as employee as freelancer. This allows him to assess the role of each party involved and ensures a perfect collaboration between communication, marketing and IT. Just so you reach the set objectives.

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Looking for a sounding board to shape your original idea? A cup of T monitors and guards the creative outlines. Result? You don’t get snowed under all the practical and operational concerns typical for any startup.

The answer to all your questions

How to create a strong brand for your product or service? How do you build a customer base? What creates passionate brand ambassadors and inspired employees? A cup of T helps you with practical advice.

1 + 1 not always equals 2

Every start-up is different. With our vast experience in various positions at start-ups in telecom, banking and software, we know exactly how to make the right choices.

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A cup of T

A cup of T is Tim De Coninck. You can contact with for all facets of your marketing and communication projects.


  • To prove that creative MarCom concepts create love brands that are more profitable and sustainable: Media, Marketing & Communication Consultancy.
  • To convince organizations, large and small, that strategic business development via offshoring delivers greater operational efficiency and productivity: Offshore Development Consultancy & Sourcing.
  • To help starters and start-ups with strategic and operational advice so they can focus on what matters most: Start-up Consultancy.
  • To create a framework for monitoring and management of online identities: TheWriteID


A cup of T wants to be the reference in social business design and marketing. We help small and large organizations to apply social business design by putting users, clients, employees and partners in the center of everything you do.

Only then, companies can ensure the right brand experience with the best possible results.

You can contact us for your marketing and communication projects, or for more strategic/creative projects. We help you in making the right decisions. Our goal? Switching your approach from push to pull marketing, the only answer that’s right in the global context of today.

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